Project Philosophy

Recognising the vital role of sport in facilitating human development, the programme provides opportunities for youth to develop and enhance their sports skills for recreation, growth and economic advantage.

Goals & Objectives

  1. To use sport as a tool for economic, social and community development in East port of spain
  2. To develop a structured and comprehensive skill development programme in a chosen sport discipline
  3. To teach life lessons using sport as a metaphor
  4. To facilitate community development, interaction and integration within and among the communities in East port of Spain
  5. To equip participants with employable skills
  6. To equip participants with valuable life skills that facilitate positive behavioual and attitudinal changes
  7. To promote healthy lifestyles and positive, life-affirming choices
  8. To develop/upgrade facilities for sport throughout East Port of Spain and provide needed equipment

Project Description

The main components of the Sports PLUS Programme are as follows:

  1. Skills Development
    • ┬áParticipants develop and enhance their technical skills in a chosen sport under the expert tuition of recognised and certified coaches
    • Participants will receive on-the-field skills training, participate int he chosen sport and attend lectures/seminars to learn the theroretical concepts of the sport
  2. Education
    • The Programme will access literacy and academic programmes offered by Government agencies and/or NGOs will employ tutors
  3. Personal Development
    • Trained like skills coaches and facilitators. through existing programmes delivered by government agencies and NGOs, will teach such skills as:
      • Self-awareness
      • Leadership
      • Teamwork
      • Communication
      • Conflict resolution
      • Anger management
      • Self-esteem
      • Goal-setting
      • Healthy lifestyles
      • Building and sustaining positive relationships
      • Values
      • Career development skills