Institutional responsibility for planning and development in East PoS is fragmented, having been assigned to a number of public sector agencies. Multiple jurisdictions result in overlap and duplication.

Preparation of development plans and management/control of development is the purview of the Minister responsible for town and country planning and is usually carried out by the Town and Country Planning Division.

However, the Plan is prepared in fulfillment of the mandate of the Company, established by Cabinet, under the jurisdiction of the Minister of Housing and Urban Development.

The Plan would therefore be submitted for approval by the Minister responsible for housing for ultimate approval by Cabinet and Parliament, as the Regional Development Plan for East PoS.

It is recommended that the Company be established as the Planning Authority for East PoS in accordance with the provisions of the Planning and Facilitation of Development Act.

Several other ministries and agencies of the State are also mandated to carry out development in parts of East PoS under different directives and separate pieces of legislation. These agencies and their functions are summarized in Figure 4.1. Interagency coordination, via establishment of an Intersectoral Stakeholder Roundtable, chaired by the Company, is essential to facilitate collaboration and avoid overlap and duplication.