The focus here is improving the reputation and image of East PoS, making it a desirable, safe, and attractive place to live, and capitalising on its strategic location close to downtown PoS.

Short Term: 1-3 Years / Long Term: 7+ Years

Develop a marketing and promotion strategy for highlighting the assets of East PoS, as part of a focused economic development strategy. This can involve:

  • Documenting and publishing history and attractions of East PoS.
  • Highlighting positive attributes of East PoS using all available media, including the current affordability of land and real estate prices in comparison to West PoS.
  • Establishing in-house marketing personnel to coordinate and monitor future branding efforts
  • Highlighting residential and other development/construction activity going on in the area. A close relationship with the municipal corporations and planning agencies would allow for a sharing of this information.
  • Revamping of the company‚Äôs website to make it a one-stop shop for everything East PoS, including history, attractions and events, and information on living, working, and doing business in the region.