Use the comparative advantages of East PoS to develop new types of economic activity that can bolster the local and national economy.

Short Term: 1-3 Years

Commission a detailed and targeted East PoS Economic Development Plan (see Economic Development, Dover Kohl Plan pgs. 9.2-9.12 for preliminary inputs). This new plan should involve:

  • Identification and analysis of the strengths of the region and potential for growth
  • Identification of new arrangements for the role and organisational structure of the Company and with successful relevant case study models
  • Formulation of strategies for capitalising on existing assets e.g. innovation districts and CBD extension into IPA Two, developing new assets e.g. new educational establishments, and developing new industries e.g. heritage tourism, urban agriculture (see Go Local and Be Sustainable, Dover Kohl Plan pgs. 5.11-5.13)
  • Creation of database of vacant, derelict, and abandoned sites, and strategies for addressing these issues
Short Term: 1-3 Years / Medium Term: 4-6 Years

Update and maintain an inventory of assets including historical and cultural resources, and work with the National Trust and other relevant agencies to capitalise on heritage tourism opportunities, e.g. Belmont as a heritage district, restoration of Fort Picton