A key tenet of economic development is to work with the assets that already exist. Local businesses have the ability to expand and thrive in East PoS.

Short Term: 1-3 Years

Undertake research on entrepreneurial funding opportunities by external agencies and promote the findings

Short Term: 1-3 Years / Long Term: 7+ Years

Develop in-house business development training programmes based on the needs of local businesses and local entrepreneurs

Short Term: 1-3 Years

Fill vacant company positons for economic development/business officer/team as a liaison with the local business community to ensure that needs and challenges are understood

Medium Term: 4-6 Years / Long Term: 7+ Years

Support the retention and expansion of existing businesses and encourage new entrepreneurial ventures, particularly in traditional strengths of the area such as culture. This can involve:

  • Development of Business and Technology Resource Centres in the IPAs
  • A return of production and skills of mas through a new entity, The Mas Production Company of East PoS
Short Term: 1-3 Years / Medium Term: 4-6 Years

Establish business incubator programme and facilities, particularly in the IPAs, to provide space, support, advice, information, and access to resources and services to entrepreneurs. Examples of places for incubator spaces include: Central Market, Eastside Plaza