Affordable and decent housing that is not overcrowded (more than two persons per bedroom), is of solid structural integrity, and provides essential amenities; and a sense of security in tenure is vital to ensuring livability in East PoS.

Develop a housing plan for East PoS, in conjunction with an infrastructure and transportation plan, with an emphasis on re-populating the highly urbanised western communities and targeting new housing in the IPAs.

Short Term: 1-3 Years / Medium Term: 4-6 Years
  • Include a thorough assessment of the current housing situation, including overcrowding, structural condition of housing, security of tenure, state of bathroom facilities, and income spent on housing; and predict housing needs for the future
  • Propose strategies for ensuring an adequate supply of affordable housing including changes to planning regulations allowing for more efficient land use; development of accessory dwelling units; reducing the construction costs of housing e.g. building basic housing shells or pre-fabricated construction; incentives for developers; and cooperative and other innovative financing
  • Propose possible amendments to strengthen tenant rights and impose rent control
  • Propose strategies, in conjunction with the LSA, for regularising informal developments.
  • Assess any required land acquisition and identify specific settlements—where absolutely necessary and determined by the considerations outlined in the methodology—that may require complete (comprehensive) re-development to facilitate safe, healthy, and livable community life. Develop a settlement specific plan for re-development. Refer to any relevant LSA studies.

Work with partner agencies to implement recommendations of the housing plan

Medium Term: 4-6 Years / Long Term: 7+ Years Joint responsibility with another agency