Infrastructure in the form of access roads, paths and steps, drains, and sidewalks must be at an acceptable quality for humane living and to attract investments.

Work with the relevant agencies to undertake an infrastructure study, in conjunction with a transportation and housing study, to prioritise and address deficiencies throughout East PoS.

Short Term: 1-3 Years Joint responsibility with another agency

It may involve:

  • Identification of every public roadway or path in the East PoS circulation system, a rating of its current physical condition, the suitability and condition of the infrastructure for automobile (where necessary) and non-automobile users and waste removal vehicles.
  • Identification of every public drainage channel in East PoS and a rating of its current suitability given capacity requirements and existing drainage challenges.
  • Identification of areas in need of new means of access, including roads and sidewalks, or drainage infrastructure.
  • Assessment of any required land acquisition and consideration of specific settlements—where absolutely necessary and determined by the considerations outlined in the methodology—that may require complete (comprehensive) re-development to facilitate functional community life. Refer to any relevant Land Settlement Agency (LSA) studies on this.

Prioritise infrastructure works based on the deficiencies identified in the study, critical emergency requests from communities, and necessary improvements to the IPAs

Short Term: 1-3 Years / Long Term: 7+ Years Joint responsibility with another agency