The Plan seeks to achieve transformation through people-centered development, which recognises that people are at the centre of the development process and that human development is the key to achieving and sustaining community revitalisation.

“Development includes me

Our approach to human development involves increasing social and recreational opportunities, which can lead to a greater appreciation of the area’s rich legacy—especially among the young—and the development of talents that increase the sense of self-worth of each resident. Key areas include sports, and arts and culture. In addition, other specifically employment-oriented initiatives are outlined under Theme Two.

The Plan recognises the need for the full participation and active involvement of the residents and community organisations at all stages of the process. Community support and involvement are essential pre-requisites to successful implementation in East PoS.

A community relations strategy will provide mechanisms for:

  • Community participation in planning and development
  • Community contracting to undertake development projects build capacity and create sustainable employment opportunities, where appropriate
  • Community monitoring and oversight of development projects
  • Evaluation of development projects


Community engagement is a priority, as well as coordination between the various agencies operating within or on behalf of the people through a stakeholder roundtable. The East PoS Development Company, in this regard, will continue to nurture the bonds among the many actors within the development process, guiding it towards a mutually beneficial outcome.


Improve personal development, life skills, and physical and mental health outcomes of East PoS residents


Invest in Programmes in Health, Personal Development, Sports, Arts and Culture

These programmes can foster: increased self-worth; marketable skills; better overall health outcomes; and pride in the historical legacy of East PoS – an area renowned for its contributions to sports and arts and culture.



Ensure community buy-in, and active and meaningful participation, in the planning and development of East PoS


People Powered Planning and Development

Community engagement in the development of East PoS is vital to ensuring buy-in and that existing residents as well as new residents enjoy the benefits of growth and prosperity.