Development Strategy

Sustainable Transformation

The East Port of Spain Strategic Development Plan (the Plan) is a framework to guide the social and economic transformation of East PoS over the next 10 - 15 years. It is guided by a vision statement, which at its core seeks to strengthen resilience and increase sustainability and livability.

In doing so, it is envisioned that East PoS will experience an urban resurgence, building on its rich legacy, indomitable spirit, and endless potential for creativity and innovation, to overcome the challenges that it faces today.






Why Plan?

By creating a mutually understood and agreed upon blueprint for the development of East PoS, it ensures that the efforts of all actors in the area’s development are focused towards a unifying vision. It ensures that the projects developed by the numerous stakeholders and players are geared towards the same end goal.

A strategic plan creates the guiding themes and approaches to development that govern all programmatic efforts in East PoS, while still being flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances and needs, and not losing sight of the big picture.

Guiding Policy Principles


Increase National Prominence of East PoS

  • Increase share of national population
  • Increase the share of national business places, employment rate, and economic activity

Build on the Foundation of Existing Local Assets

  • Develop human capital
  • Preserve and enhance historical and natural assets
  • Nurture existing enterprises

Minimise dislocation of existing residents

  • Ensure that existing residents who choose to reside within the communities of East PoS have the opportunity to benefit from the area’s regeneration

Increase Sustainability & Socio-Economic Resilience

  • Ensure a diverse local economy
  • Promote entrepreneurship and small businesses
  • Nurture innovation
  • Balance socio-economic and environmental considerations

Utilise an Inclusive and Collaborative Approach

  • Nurture a broad-based coalition of stakeholders from the community, and public and private sector interests
  • Strengthen the coordination of planning, decision-making, and execution among stakeholders

Ensure a Safe, Healthy, and Attractive Environment

  • Reduce the perception, fear, and incidence of criminality
  • Enhance the quality of public spaces
  • Improve waste collection and disposal

Ensure Equity in Access to Basic Amenities and Services

  • Ensure that all residents regardless of their income, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or political affiliation have access to an adequate level of shelter, community facilities and services

Balance Funding and Other Resources

  • Ensure a balanced allocation of resources among basic infrastructure works, aesthetic beautification projects, and socio-economic initiatives.

Themes, Goals & Strategies

The East Port of Spain Strategic Development Plan (the Plan) is a framework to guide the social and economic transformation of East PoS over the next 10 - 15 years. The Plan is a guide for urban revitalisation, utilising proven and time-tested strategies based on real-world success stories.

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