The transformation of East Port of Spain is both a tremendous professional opportunity and an enormous technical, financial and logistical challenge. East Port of Spain is strategically located on the edge of our capital City and is well connected to the City and its environs.

East Port of Spain is an area of extremes. The cultural capital of Trinidad and Tobago, the area is home to carnival, pan and calypso. It is also rich in history and tradition with the oldest part of the City located here, some of the city’s earliest residential districts and the first home of the Cabildo in the city. Two forts and several buildings and sites of historic interest are located in East Port of Spain while tremendous scenic views offer opportunities for real estate development.

However, some communities in East Port of Spain have also attracted a reputation for crime and violence. Residents are likely to be unemployed, earn low incomes, live in poverty and engage in anti-social behavior. The area is also stigmatized by the remainder of the national population and some residents of East Port of Spain complain of discrimination, especially in accessing jobs, finance and other services and opportunities.

The mission of the East Port of Spain Development Company is captured in our slogan ‘Regeneration through Transformation’. Transformation of places, spaces and people is central to our efforts. We also seek to transform the image of East Port of Spain in the minds of the general public and some of the area’s residents who need to embrace the value within themselves and their communities.

Our team of dedicated professionals combines technical and administrative skills with a strong sense of commitment to the people of East Port of Spain and deep respect for the history and traditions of the area.

Welcome to East Port of Spain. We hope you will be partners with us in the transformation of this diverse, complex metropolitan district to improve the quality of life of its residents and to effect transformation and regeneration.

Dr Deborah Thomas-Austin
Managing Director