Land Use

The proposed land use strategy encourages mixed use and reflects the principles of the ‘New Urbanism’. The proposed strategy for East Port of Spain is illustrated in Figure 2.4. The Plan identifies a commercial core/extended Central Business District in Downtown East between Charlotte Street and Piccadilly Street to Riverside Plaza. Within this area the predominant land use is commercial with a residential element on upper floors and individual buildings. Other CBD functions will include entertainment, administration and financial uses. Commercial nodes are also identified within urban villages and along the Eastern Main Road.

The predominant land use within urban villages continues to be residential with provision made for all the ancillary uses necessary to create sustainable communities and to support high density urban living.

The Plan proposes to achieve economic, social and physical regeneration of East Port of Spain through sustainable transformation of the designated Comprehensive Development Areas. This will:

  1. Facilitate redevelopment of communities within East Port-of-Spain affected by high rates of crime and unemployment; poor physical and social infrastructure; inadequate housing; low incomes; lack of secure tenure; and sub-standard living conditions;
  2. Develop investor confidence and stimulate economic growth and investment in employment and job creation;
  3. Provide housing, social and physical infrastructure and the other essential components to create sustainable communities;
  4. Rationalise layouts and tenure arrangements;
  5. Develop vacant land and buildings and comprehensive re-development of strategic areas;
  6. Secure environmental improvements to create an attractive, safe and healthy living and working environment