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East Port of Spain Development Company » Housing


The report of the Vision 2020 Housing Sub-Committee estimates that 30,000 new housing units should be built in Port of Spain by 2020. If East Port of Spain is to increase its share of the national population, the Plan proposes that at least one third of these (10,000) should be located within the Metropolitan District.

Traditional single family housing on individual plots does not optimize the use of scarce and valuable urban land. The absence of large contiguous parcels of land for new housing development requires consideration of alternative housing models to support higher density urban living that reflects the diversity and culture of East Port of Spain. High density public housing in Trinidad and Tobago has a poor image and is generally characterized by stereotypical, high rise buildings, with inadequate or non-existent defensible space and no clear boundary between street space and community space.

Defensible SpaceThere is need to optimize the use of valuable urban land close to the City. New and/or replacement housing in East Port of Spain must provide innovative solutions to current challenges of small spaces, steep slopes, overcrowding, safety and design. Defensible space is a key component to successful management and maintenance of public or shared housing because of:
  • Strong definition of public and private space
  • Private communal space
Utilisation of small plots, compact housing, pioneering design, mixed densities and mixed use such as in transit oriented developments should underpin new residential development. The Plan proposes to intensify development densities on all new housing development and redevelopment projects and greenfield and brownfield sites at the following residential densities:
  • High >120 du/ha
  • Medium 80 – 120 du/ha