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East Port of Spain Development Company » Plan Implementation Strategies

Plan Implementation Strategies

The East Port-of-Spain Development Company will employ a series of strategies to achieve its Vision.

Strategy 1: Participation & People-Powered Planning

All citizens of East Port-of-Spain have an opportunity to participate in and influence decision-making and development actions

The following actions will be implemented:

  1. Establish Citizens Advisory Committees to address six critical sectoral issues (crime, housing, economic activity, environment, infrastructure, community governance)
  2. Establish an Intersectoral Roundtable comprising key stakeholders as a mechanism for on-going coordination and collaboration
  3. Prepare a Public Participation Policy for East Port-of-Spain for adoption by the Board
  4. Host a series of community consultations in each community
  5. Devise a Communications Strategy to disseminate information to residents and stakeholders
  6. Identify focal points in key agencies carrying out development in East Port-of-Spain

Strategy 2: Sustainable Development

Transform the economic, social and physical landscapes of East Port-of-Spain to create a network of sustainable communities in East Port-of-Spain in 15 years.

The following actions will be implemented:

  1. Create a network of Sustainable Communities - defined as those in which residents access adequate housing, social facilities, physical infrastructure, recreation, employment and commercial opportunities either within or close to their community without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs (Source: Vision 2020 – Regional Development and Sustainable Communities Sub-Committee).
  2. Extend and revitalise CBD functions eastward into EPOS (Downtown East District) from Charlotte Street to Piccadilly Street between Park Street and Independence Square South.
  3. Provide high density, compatible, mixed use urban development close to the Central Business District of Port of Spain and strategically located sites.
  4. Optimise use of valuable urban land and existing transportation links through development of high density and transit-oriented nodes close to major arterial routes leading into and out of the City.
  5. Establish or strengthen strategically located service nodes within each urban villages as a focus of social, community and commercial/employment activities.
  6. Provide barrier-free access to all citizens
  7. Develop and promote historic and cultural attractions
    • Conduct a Heritage Inventory using appropriately trained persons
    • Explore heritage tourism opportunities
    • Establish heritage districts in Belmont and Port of Spain (South) to protect resources and develop heritage tourism
  8. Develop network of roads through EPOS linking communities and opening up the area to through traffic
  9. Provide infrastructure and facilities for efficient public transport systems that are appropriate to local conditions
  10. Identify and develop strategically located opportunity sites
  11. Redevelop ‘brownfield’ sites
  12. Create a 24 hour EPOS to ensure the area remains vibrant during daytime and at nights
    • Attractive and affordable mixed use development
    • Multiple use public facilities that are accessible to the community after hours to provide continuous learning opportunities for adults
    • Entertainment and nightlife
    • Increase public safety
  13. Improve access to and quality of physical and social infrastructure serving communities
  14. Environmental Management
    • Improve waste collection and disposal systems, including use of appropriate vehicles
    • Improve drainage and storm water management to reduce flooding 
    • Reduce vulnerability to natural hazards and implement appropriate mitigation measures
    • Clean-up industrial pollutants in waterways
    • Rehabilitate brownfield sites/ contaminated land
    • Monetise waste via strategies to reduce, reuse and recycle
    • Rationalise the location and capacity of dump sites and garbage skips respectively.
  15. Formulate design guidelines and development standards to produce development projects that are consistent with the Vision for EPOS
  16. Establish Urban Incentives Programme to attract developers and projects that reflect the Vision
  17. Flexibility in the regulatory/planning systems to facilitate and encourage development
    • Prepare EPOS Development Order that sets out development standards, land use policies and approvals process
    • Ultimately EPOSDC established as the planning authority for EPOS
    • Avoid dislocation of residents and disruption of existing communities
    • Phased development of strategic sites
    • Affordable housing and variety of house types/sizes
    • Innovative home ownership and housing finance programmes

Strategy 3: Safe by Design

Use urban design concepts to reduce opportunities for crime

The following actions will be implemented:

  1. Design new communities with safety in mind
  2. Retrofit existing communities to reduce opportunities for crime
    • Install street lights throughout all communities
    • Install outdoor building lighting and lights in public spaces
    • Develop and reuse vacant sites and buildings
    • Select and position activities to increase visibility of people, building entrances/exits, car parks and public spaces to keep potential intruders and criminals at bay
    • Create ‘defensible’ spaces that allow people to better control and manage the spaces around their homes, businesses and public spaces
    • Community Assets Maintenance Programme to create sense of ownership and value and deter alternative/undesirable activities
  3. Create a network of safe streets for pedestrian and vehicular traffic to encourage movement within and through EPOS
  4. Establish Community Policing Initiatives
    • Establish Community Police Units in all Police Stations in EPOS and allocate dedicated resources (human, technical and financial)
    • Training in Life Skills for Community Police (including communications, diversity, anger management, dispute resolution and counseling) 
    • Engage residents in a partnership based on trust and mutual respect
  5. Install street lights throughout each community 
  6. Establish natural access control
  7. Create opportunities for natural surveillance in the design and location of communities and facilities

Strategy 4: Extreme Makeover

Re-imaging EPOS, Enhance public perception of East Port-of-Spain

The following actions will be implemented:

  1. Document and publish history and attractions of EPOS: highlight positive attributes of EPOS using all available media – Public Information/Education Programme
  2. Increase opportunities for social and economic interactions within EPOS among non-residents e.g. via cultural events
  3. Improve the social, economic and physical landscape and appearance of EPOS based on a sustainable community model (benchmarking/indicators)
    • Provide social facilities;
    • Upgrade physical infrastructure;
    • Alleviate poverty;
    • Improve accessibility to and within EPOSMD;
    • Develop/ rehabilitate vacant/ derelict sites and buildings;
    • Enhance public parks, open spaces and recreation areas;
    • Urban enhancement projects
  4. Redevelop properties along Eastern Main Road – a visible face of East Port-of-Spain and gateway to the City
  5. Create an environment in which people want to live, work and socialize
  6. Environmental Beautification Programme
    • Landscaping
    • Anti-litter campaign
    • Clean up derelict sites for redevelopment 
    • Cleanup drains and watercourses 
    • Remove vehicle storage sites along major through roads 
    • Design guidelines 
    • Improve pedestrian movement and safety 
    • Public art projects to enhance public spaces and showcase cultural assets and local talent

Strategy 5: Economic Sustainability

Facilitate economic activity, job creation and investment and attract new businesses into East Port-of-Spain to stimulate economic growth, reduce unemployment and alleviate poverty.

The following actions will be implemented:

  1. Designate Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) in East Port-of-Spain
    • Offer incentives to new businesses and those willing to relocate to EPOS
    • Simplify planning and regulatory systems and offer development standards bonuses to encourage desired development
    • Establish BIDs along Eastern Main Road and Downtown East District
  2. Extend the Central Business District into Downtown East, extending from Charlotte Street to Piccadilly Street between Park Street and Independence Square
  3. Identify and make available suitable sites for development with necessary services and infrastructure
  4. Support the retention and expansion of existing businesses and encourage ventures based on strengths of East Port-of-Spain 
    • Develop a Business and Technology Resource Center in the communities
    • Return production and skills of mas through new entity – The Mas Production Company of East Port of Spain
  5. Establish banking presence in EPOS
  6. Identify skills needs and expand skills training and job readiness programmes
  7. Provide opportunities for training to equip residents with required skills
  8. Establish a Business Incubator Programme to provide support, advice, information, access to resources and services to entrepreneurs
    • Shared accommodation at low/ affordable rents
    • Shared Professional services (legal, accounting, administration, technical, IT)
    • Financial services (low interest loans, venture capital, improvement grants)
  9. Employ local human resources on projects in the area to build local capacity, encourage sustainability and ensure project support.
  10. Identify opportunities for community wealth creation utilising local talent, culture, the arts and other resources.
  11. Develop Marketing and Promotion Strategy

Strategy 6: Human Development

Achieve transformation through people centered development which recognizes that people are at the centre of the development process and that human development is the key to achieving and sustaining community revitalisation.

The following actions will be implemented:

  1. Design and implement the SportsPLUS Programme using sport as a tool for social and economic development, education, to encourage integration and build a culture of peace in  
    • cultural skills development
    • education
    • personal development
    • learn-to-earn
  2. Provide and upgrade sport facilities and training programmes consistent with the SportsPLUS programme and the hierarchy of sport facilities detailed in the Plan
  3. Design and implement a Programme for Achieving Cultural Excellence (PACE) to promote a distinctive identity for East Port of Spain based on culture and the visual, performing and festival arts. The main components of the programme are:
    • cultural skills development
    • education
    • personal development
    • learn-to-earn
  4. Establish a Community Relations strategy that facilitates community involvement, ownership and monitoring of development projects.