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East Port of Spain Development Company » CDA 6 Sea Lots/Beetham South

CDA 6 Sea Lots/Beetham South


This mixed use area includes heavy industrial, commercial and residential development juxtaposed with a landfill in insanitary conditions with many public health challenges. Residential development comprises entirely of informal settlements with significant physical and social infrastructure deficiencies and poor environmental conditions.

The area east of Sea Lots is predominantly swampland with compromised drainage further south towards the sea. The landfill site located here is to be closed. West of Sea Lots, is the only visible and accessible section of waterfront in East Port of Spain.

A network of roads and physical infrastructure serves the industrial estate located at Sea Lots. Energy industries such as National Petroleum, a wastewater treatment facility and fish processing plant are some of the industries located at Sea Lots. There are some vacant and underused sites within the Industrial Estate.

Need for Change

Sea Lots and Beetham South contain a mix of incompatible uses, juxtaposed with each other. Physical and environmental conditions in the informal settlement are poor with the area lacking basic physical and social infrastructure. Over 80% of the residential population of Sea Lots relies on pit latrines for sewage disposal while only 4% have access to a piped supply of potable water to their homes. Residents also have no tenure security and most of their homes, constructed from galvanise and wood, are structurally unsound.

Scavenging and burning to extract copper wire are daily occurrences at the landfill which, as a result, is also unsafe for legitimate users. The only window to the sea located in the cove west of Sea Lots is underutilized and the quality of the marine environment is compromised by indiscriminate dumping of solid and liquid wastes, industrial effluent and abandoned and derelict vessels.


  • Waterfront access presents opportunities for valuable mixed development 
  • Port related activities
  • Proximity to the City
  • Strategic location along a major arterial (Beetham Higway)
  • 170 ha (415 acres) of land
  • Large contiguous tracts of vacant land
  • Intensification of existing industrial development
  • Accessibility

Opportunities for Change

The impending closure and relocation of the municipal landfill makes large tracts of peri-urban land available for redevelopment. Access to the waterfront at Sea Lots presents tremendous opportunities for mixed development including public open space, marine based recreation and entertainment uses, waterfront residential and commercial development and other appropriate activities.

Redevelopment of informal settlements at Sea Lots allows for additional mixed use development close to the City and a major transportation hub and along a major urban arterial route.

Intensification of existing heavy industrial development and warehousing/light industrial uses will provide much needed opportunities for employment and economic activity close to the City.

Extensive sea front access along the south-western edge of the CDA presents opportunities for relocating the port of Port of Spain and rationalizing marine activities such as the Caricom Jetty, regional cargo traffic and some minor fishing.

Basic Planning and Design Concept

  • Relocate the Port
  • Construct a Municipal Airport in the vicinity of the closed landfill
  • Mixed use waterfront development that includes residential, recreation, entertainment, commercial and light/clean industrial uses
  • Industrial development and warehousing, suitable located in relation to other uses
  • High density urban living in a waterfront environment
  • Public access to the waterfront
  • Provide safe pedestrian movement between the area and the City/CBD
  • Rehabilitate ‘brownfield’ sites, including the landfill