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East Port of Spain Development Company » CDA 5 Eastern Main Rd/Success Village

CDA 5 Eastern Main Rd/Success Village


CDA 5 extends eastwards from the junction of St. Joseph Road and the Eastern Main Road, between St. Joseph Road in the north to the Priority Bus Route and Beetham Highway in the south and including the communities of Beetham Gardens Phases 4 and 5.

This area is strategically located along a major gateway corridor into Port of Spain from the east and is close to the City with convenient access to services and facilities located there. A network of trunk infrastructure already exists. However, the area is characterized by obsolescence and urban decay with many vacant and ‘opportunity’ sites that may be available for redevelopment. The volume of traffic using the Eastern Main Road, Beetham Highway and Priority Bus Route can support intensive residential, service and commercial uses in this area.

Need for Change

This area has a network of trunk infrastructure that may be upgraded and extended to service adjacent communities. Congestion along the major arterials into the City reflects the large volume of traffic commuting into and out of Port of Spain daily through this eastern gateway. However, the extent of dereliction, vacant and abandoned properties and dysfunctional uses are an indication of inappropriate land uses, changing land use patterns, declining land values and increasing crime and violence.

Informal settlements at Beetham Gardens, Phases 4 and 5 exhibit extreme conditions of poor quality housing and environmental conditions, physical and social infrastructure deficiencies, irrational layout, underutilization of valuable land assets, high unemployment and a myriad of social problems. Blocked culverts under the Beetham Highway and indiscriminate disposal of solid waste and industrial effluent impede drainage southwards through the swamp and results in flooding.


  • 120 ha (295 acres) of land
  • Strategic location along three major arterials connecting to the City
  • Sites available for redevelopment
  • Housing in reasonably good condition
  • Existing commercial development along the Eastern Main Road corridor

Opportunities for Change

Redevelopment sites present opportunities for high density and high quality urban living based on the concept of Transit Oriented Development. Relocation of dysfunctional land uses will also make other strategically located sites available for redevelopment.

Existing commercial development, interspersed with vacant and abandoned sites along the Eastern Main Road, with its heavy commuter traffic, presents opportunities for intensification of commercial activity. Vacant state owned lands between the Beetham Highway and Priority Bus Route lend themselves to development of sub-regional facilities which can be easily accessed by all residents of East Port of Spain and transit oriented economic activities that provide much needed employment opportunities.

Basic Planning and Design Concepts

  • Establish a Business Improvement District along the Eastern Main Road
  • Intensify development on vacant, underused and other ‘brownfield’ sites
  • Create ‘Transit Oriented Development on strategically located opportunity sites that allow for intensive housing for commuters into the City using any of the mass transit arterial routes that traverse the area
  • High density housing development creates surplus housing in which to relocate other residents from nearby communities in East Port of Spain and redevelopment of other areas on a phased basis
  • Construct East Port of Spain Sport and Cultural Complex on the site west of VMCOTT, in a mixed use development including high quality, high density urban housing and appropriate social and community facilities
  • Develop transit oriented light industrial development between VMCOTT and Fernandes, to include a ‘Park and Ride’ facility connected to a commuter service along the Priority Bus Route into the City.