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East Port of Spain Development Company » CDA 4 Laventille/Trou Macaque

CDA 4 Laventille/Trou Macaque


CDA 4 extends eastwards Extends eastwards from Eastern Quarry Road between Laventille Road in the north and St. Joseph Road in the south to east of Wharton Street. The area is predominantly residential with some commercial development along St. Joseph Road. Low level, neighbourhood commercial uses are thinly distributed throughout the area.

Roads extend north from St. Joseph Road for fairly short distances and thereafter their alignment is influenced by topography. There are slave cemeteries located in the area, although some have been built on. The area is poorly served with social and community facilities, given its population size.

Need for Change

The major challenges of this CDA are inadequate physical infrastructure, deficiencies in provision of social and community facilities, poor layout in some areas and pockets of housing in poor structural condition.

There are few economic activities and employment opportunities in the area. The area experiences high rates of unemployment and poverty and high levels of crime and violence, some related to the presence of gangs.


  • 57 ha (140 acres) of land
  • Structurally sound housing
  • Existing community structure
  • Strategic location close to the city and close to a major gateway into the City
  • Proximity to major arterial routes connecting to the City

Opportunities for Change

CDA 4 presents opportunities to provide high quality urban living in a residential suburb located close to the urban centre. While existing communities require only retrofitting to upgrade and provide necessary physical and social infrastructure, some areas require comprehensive redevelopment.

Basic Planning and Design Concepts

  • Retrofitting of existing communities, where feasible
  • Comprehensive redevelopment of derelict, obsolete and dysfunctional areas and vacant sites
  • Redevelopment of opportunity and other sites at higher densities to create surplus housing units
  • Relocate residents to surplus units to facilitate redevelopment of newly vacated sites to avoid dislocation of existing communities
  • Construction of social and community facilities in accordance with the requirements of the model of service provision for communities
  • Rationalise road layout, subject to constraints of topography and the need for land acquisition to facilitate widening and realignment
  • Compact housing with defensible community spaces
  • Walkable communities with easy pedestrian and vehicular access to essential services and facilities
  • Establish village centres in appropriate locations