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East Port of Spain Development Company » CDA 3 Picton/Eastern Quarry

CDA 3 Picton/Eastern Quarry


CDA 3 extends from Laventille Road in the north, Picton Road on the west, to Erica Street/ Eastern Quarry Road on the east and St. Joseph Road in the South. The area is characterized by residential development on steep slopes with poor layout and infrastructure and deficiencies in provision of social/community facilities. Former quarries are now occupied by informal housing settlements. Commercial and light industrial development with some institutional uses are located along the Eastern Main Road/St. Joseph Road.

While the structural condition of some housing is reasonably good, the overall condition of housing is inadequate for 21st century urban living. Narrow roads on steep terrain compromise internal accessibility for public and private vehicular transport.

Need for Change

Picton/Eastern Quarry exhibits the characteristics of a Comprehensive Development Area. Less than 40% of the population receives a piped supply of water to their homes while a unacceptably high percentage still rely on pit latrines for disposal of sewage. Poor roadside drainage contributes to flooding and erosion and steep narrow roads and irregular collection schedules result in inadequate solid waste disposal facilities that contribute to poor environmental conditions. The area also lacks adequate sport and recreation facilities to service the needs of the resident population.

The Citrus Growers compound and Ministry of Works/Regional Corporation transport yard reflect dysfunctional land uses in the area.


  • The area comprises 95 ha (235 acres)
  • Residential suburb close to the City
  • Opportunity sites that can be made available for redevelopment
  • Proximity to the Eastern Main Road, a major gateway into the City
  • Some sites of historic /heritage interest
  • Rich cultural heritage

Opportunities for Change

CDA 3 presents opportunities to provide high quality urban living in a residential suburb located close to the urban centre. The sites of the Citrus Growers and Works yard are suitable for change of use and redevelopment.

Vacant sites also present opportunities for provision of much needed social/community and recreation facilities.

Basic Planning and design Concepts

Comprehensive redevelopment to create a network of sustainable communities adequately services with all necessary physical and social infrastructure and amenities.

  • High quality, high density residential development based on the principles of the ‘New Urbanism’
  • Upgrade physical infrastructure to provide adequate water supply and sewage disposal facilities
  • Improve internal circulation and access via road widening, realignment, roadside drainage and off-street parking
  • Land acquisition of strategic opportunity sites
  • Redevelopment of Citrus Growers site and other opportunity sites to accommodate high density urban housing and associated community facilities
  • Redevelopment of opportunity and other sites at higher densities to create surplus housing units
  • Relocate residents to surplus units to facilitate redevelopment of newly vacated sites to avoid dislocation of existing communities
  • Construction of social and community facilities in accordance with the requirements of the model of service provision for communities
  • Compact housing with defensible community spaces
  • Walkable communities with easy pedestrian and vehicular access to essential services and facilities
  • Establish village centres in appropriate locations