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East Port of Spain Development Company » CDA 2 Port of Spain East

CDA 2 Port of Spain East


Land uses in this area are predominantly residential with some commercial and mixed use development along Piccadilly and Observatory Streets. The CDA extends from Piccadilly on the west, Quarry Street in the north, Picton Road in the east and St. Joseph Road in the south. The area is characterized by some pockets of hillside development, narrow roads, poor structural condition of housing, inefficient layout and significant deficiencies in physical and social infrastructure.

Although early settlements in the area such as Rose Hill date back to the 1820s, the area developed as a residential district after emancipation in 1838 as a haven for freed slaves who settled ‘behind the Bridge’, living in fairly squalid conditions, even in the 1860s. Other early settlements included Jackson Place, and Sorzanoville in the vicinity of Argyle and St Paul Streets.

Need for Change

This area exhibits all the characteristics of a CDA as defined above. East of George Street there is evidence of land use conflicts and dysfunctional land uses. East of Piccadilly Street, the structural condition of housing is poor and deficiencies in physical and social infrastructure contribute to an inadequate quality of life and poor environmental conditions. In particular, narrow roads and poor layout compromise accessibility.


The area comprises 80 ha (200 acres)

  • Its strategic location in close proximity to downtown and East Port of Spain
  • Significant areas of land and some opportunity sites available for comprehensive redevelopment
  • Large tracts of land already acquired by Government
  • Sites and buildings of historic interest

Opportunities for Change

CDA 2 presents tremendous opportunities to provide high quality urban living in a traditional inner city residential suburb located in close proximity to the urban centre and commercial core, close to employment opportunities and financial and administrative services.

Although poorly serviced with physical and social infrastructure the CDA is located close enough to existing infrastructure networks extending from the edge of the City.

Basic Planning and Design Concepts

Comprehensive redevelopment to create a network of sustainable communities adequately services with all necessary physical and social infrastructure and amenities.

  • High quality, high density residential development based on the principles of the ‘New Urbanism’
  • Compact neighbourhoods – homes within walking distance of community facilities, transport and urban services
  • Improve circulation and connectivity between the CDA and the rest of East Port of Spain and the City via a re-aligned and widened Laventille Road
  • Improve local access via local connector roads
  • Physical and social infrastructure to be upgraded and installed based on the model of service provision
  • Compact housing with defensible community spaces
  • Walkable communities with easy pedestrian and vehicular access to essential services and facilities
  • Establish village centres in appropriate locations