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East Port of Spain Development Company » CDA 1 CBD East

CDA 1 CBD East


The area has a mix of commercial – including retail and office - uses between Charlotte and George Streets from Independence Square south to Park Street interspersed with some institutional uses such as schools, churches, a mosque, health facility and police station; and residential uses, especially in South Quay, east of Piccadilly Street and between Nelson and Duncan Streets. (Existing land use, history).

The CBD East district has a rich heritage. The oldest part of the City is located between Nelson and Duncan Streets and the site of the first home of the Cabildo in Port of Spain is located at the bottom of Piccadillly Street. The jail was located at the corner of Queen and George Streets before being relocated to Frederick Street. Other sites of historic and cultural significance include:

  1. Site of Canboulay Riots on Piccadilly Street
  2. The Observatory (1783) and Masonic Lodge (Les Frères Unis - 1804) buildings
  3. Cathedral of Immaculate Conception
  4. Yoruba Village

Need for Change

This area exhibits all the characteristics of a CDA as defined above. East of George Street there is evidence of land use conflicts and dysfunctional land uses. East of Piccadilly Street, the structural condition of housing is poor and deficiencies in physical and social infrastructure contribute to an inadequate quality of life and poor environmental conditions. In particular, narrow roads and poor layout compromise accessibility.


The area comprises 60 ha (145 acres)

  • Its strategic location in close proximity to downtown and East Port of Spain
  • Good infrastructure and services. The area has a good road pattern/network, is sewered and has adequate water supplies.
  • Topography is flat
  • Potential land values that can only be realized by government interventions
  • History and heritage
  • Close to employment
  • High land values which provide a potential source of property tax income to local government authorities.

Opportunities for Change

Comprehensive/total redevelopment as an inner city mixed use area based on the principles of the New Urbanism. CDA 1 will serve as an urban nexus between East Port of Spain and Central (Downtown) Port of Spain to regenerate the city and stimulate interaction between East Port of Spain and the city proper.

Basic Planning and Design Concepts

Development of the area as an extension of the CBD along the lines of the New Urbanism utilising the area as a nexus of urban development between the central city and the East Port of Spain Metropolitan District and utilizing it as a regenerating force for the economic, social and physical transformation of East Port of Spain.

  • Extending the Brian Lara Promenade into East Port of Spain and Besson Street
  • Circulation and access – connections to the city, via the Piccadilly Parkway with links to Beetham Highway and the Eastern Main Road, and links into East Port of Spain via Laventille Road and from west to east via Independence Square south.
  • Pedestrian routes and movement
  • Mixed use development with three storey buildings fronting onto Independence Square north with commercial (retail, restaurant, entertainment) uses at ground level, offices above and residential use at third floor level
  • Shopping centre bounded on the north by Park Street, Piccadilly Street on the east, Charlotte Street on the west and Duke street in the south.
  • Piccadilly Parkway along the alignment of the East Dry River with views of the river, and creation of lakes at strategic locations
  • Development of ‘super blocks’ containing mix of open space, commercial uses (retail, entertainment, offices) on lower levels and residential development on upper floors and interspersed with some single use buildings for residential or commercial uses only.
  • Brian Lara Promenade extension elevated to cross Piccadilly Parkway with car parking at ground and underground levels
  • Development of historic and heritage sites throughout the area (eg site of Cabildo, Yoruba Village, the Observatory etc)