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East Port of Spain Development Company » Development Strategy

Development Strategy

The Plan classifies settlements according to their characteristics and formulates appropriate development strategies to address the challenges identified and to exploit existing opportunities. The opportunities include strategically located vacant and brownfield sites suitable for redevelopment, heritage sites and attractions, human resources, valuable real estate, major arterial connectors, networks of trunk infrastructure.
Proposed Development Strategies



Development Strategy


Type A

Good condition. Minor improvements needed.

Village Rehabilitation

Morvant, Belmont, Lower Gonzales

Type B

Housing and infrastructure improvements needed

Village Rehabilitation 2

Success Village, Beetham Phases 1-3, Caledonia #2; Upper Gonzales

Type C

Informal settlements

Settlement Upgrading

Marie Road/Romain Lands, Never Dirty.

Type D

Urban decay, dereliction & obsolescence

Comprehensive Redevelopment

Besson Street, St. Paul Street, Eastern Quarry, Prizgar Lands; Beetham Phases 4-5

Type E

Vacant lands


Opportunity sites

Type F

Steep, unstable slopes and watersheds


Marie Road/ Romain Lands, Upper Belmont.

The East Port of Spain Strategic Development Plan adopts an urban regeneration strategy which will:
  • Breathe new life into the area;
  • Achieve physical, social and economic transformation;
  • Create an attractive environment for investing, living and working in EPOS;
  • Establish and maintain partnerships with key stakeholders;
  • Identify and target strategic priority locations; 
  • Redevelop derelict sites, vacant land and buildings and rehabilitate affected communities;
  • Nurture businesses and entrepreneurship
The Plan details the following six Strategic Actions for achieving sustainable urban regeneration in East Port of Spain:
Strategic Actions

Major Development Proposals

The development proposals for East Port of Spain provide for:

  • High quality urban living in a network of mixed use Urban Villages comprising a variety of social, community and economic activities commensurate with the size and function of the settlement and providing the services, facilities and infrastructure necessary to support the residential population, while optimizing the use of valuable urban land;
  • Infrastructure Networks – distribution and upgrade
  • A network of roads providing connectivity and accessibility between the Metropolitan District of East Port of Spain and the wider Greater Port of Spain Metropolitan Area and also between and with the urban villages of East Port of Spain;
  • Designation of Comprehensive Development Areas, under the provisions of the Town and Country Planning Act, Chapter 35:01 (Section 5 [4]);
  • Establishment of Business Development Areas as centers of economic activity providing investment and employment opportunities;
  • Extension of the Central Business District into East Port of Spain to create ‘Downtown East’ which extends from Charlotte Street to Riverside Plaza.