Guiding Principles

The philosophy of the East Port-of-Spain Development Company is rooted in its mandate to achieve economic, social and physical regeneration through sustainable transformation, in partnership with the community and key stakeholders.

The following Core Principles form the basis of the development strategy of the East Port of Spain Development Company Limited:

  1. Upholding the rights of citizens to participate in plan formulation, implementation and evaluation.
  2. Cultivating meaningful partnerships and collaboration between government, the private sector, communities, civic society and residents.
  3. Utilising a comprehensive and integrated approach to achieving community regeneration through economic, social, physical and cultural development.
  4. Guaranteeing the rights of citizens to a safe, healthy and attractive environment for investing, living and working.
  5. Creating social and economic balance in the structure of the community.
  6. Safeguarding the rights of residents to maintain a residential location within East Port of Spain.
  7. Achieving economic regeneration by nurturing businesses and entrepreneurship; creating productive employment opportunities and stimulating private sector investment.
  8. Using local human resources where possible.
  9. Creating self-sustaining communities independent of patronage.
  10. Ensuring that all citizens regardless of their gender, race, religion, disability or political affiliation have access to an adequate level of shelter, community facilities and services consistent with Government’s Vision 2020 strategy.
  11. Formulating development and performance standards appropriate for local conditions.
  12. Recognising the critical role of the private sector in the regeneration of East Port of Spain.
  13. Coordinating planning and implementation of development projects by various actors in East Port of Spain.